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Welcome to IJITDL

Welcome to the inaugural issue of the International Journal of Instructional Technology and Distance Learning (IJITDL). The theme for the first issue is Online Learning.

IJITDL fills a void for a refereed international journal that shares current research, theory, and practice among faculty, students, and administrators in higher education, and among innovators and practitioners at every level of education and training. Distance learning has been adopted widely for education, home schooling; and professional education and training in business and industry, government, military, and health sciences.

Distance learning provides opportunities for education and training when participation is difficult if not impossible due to conflicting schedules, geographic location, mobility, and personal responsibilities. Quality of learning has been demonstrated to the satisfaction of most critics, and many organizations have implemented technology and techniques of distance learning to enhance their on-campus programs. The result is global acceptance and adoption of distance learning as a viable complement or alternative to traditional learning programs.

IJITDL plans to publish approximately 2,400 words 6 to 9 articles, each month. It needs authors and quality articles; your input to guide editors and referees as to your interests and concerns; and information about you to attract sponsors and provide quality services for a price you cannot refuse for free!

Our goals include:

  • On-time publication with 99.9% up-time

  • Bulletin board and threaded discussions

  • Email announcing articles on day of publication

  • Deep search capability across all journal issues

  • Portal linking to to other leading journals, newsletters, listservs, conferences, etc.

IJITDL are installing the latest Microsoft server and office programs to streamline administrative and production tasks so we can focus on quality, services, and growth. We invite your participation in filling out our one minute questionnaire in return for announcement of each new issue via email. Click here!

Linda Wojnar and Donald G. Perrin, Editors

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