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Table of Contents – March 2004
Vol. 1. No. 3.
ISSN 1550-6908

Editorial – the Rise of Learning Objects

Stephen Downes

EduSource: Canada’s Learning Object Repository Network

Rory McGreal, Terry Anderson, Gilbert Babin, Stephen Downes, Norm Friesen, Kevin Harrigan, Marek Hatala, Doug MacLeod, Mike Mattson, Gilbert Paquette, Griff Richards, Toni Roberts, Steve Schafer

Feasibility of Course Development Based on Learning Objects: Research Analysis of Three Case Studies

Jo-An Christiansen and Terry Anderson

Design Issues involved in Using Learning Objects for Teaching
a Programming Language within a Collaborative eLearning Environment

Jinan Fiaidhi and Sabah Mohammed

Evaluating Distance Education:
Comparison of Student Ratings of Instruction in
Distance Education and Traditional Courses

Claudia Flowers, LuAnn Jordan, Robert Algozzine,
Fred Spooner, Ashlee Fisher

Research Insights into Interactivity

Brent Muirhead

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