Donald G. Perrin, Executive Editor

In this issue the focus is online learning

  • Meyen and Yang present a study funded by the U.S. Department of Education to develop a delivery model for large scale online training for teachers.

  • Dabaj and Isman research communication barriers in text-based online learning at Eastern Mediterranean University in Turkey.

  • Glenn Russell from Monash University in Australia explores psychological and ethical issues related to the “distancing effect.”

  • Santally and Sentini from Mauritius explore a cognitive approach to exploring distance learning environments.

  • Ershler discusses progress in gaining acceptance for distance learning in Law schools.

  • Muirhead offers advice to graduate students on planning their literature review

March issue focus is learning objects, management and distribution

Next month the Journal focuses on issues and challenges related to management, creation, and distribution of distance learning programs. It features EduSource: Canada’s Learning Object Repository Network, and articles on design issues and course development using learning objects.

Planning and progress to date

The first month of publication attracted nearly 2,000 visitors and generated approximately 25,000 hits from over 40 countries.

The editors are designing databases and setting mailing lists in place so that readers can access new services as they are introduced. Routine functions are being automated so that administrative aspects of the Journal are not labor intensive. Resources will be focused on finding new ideas and authors to publish and build the quality and stature of the Journal.

Wish list

  • A free Journal and opportunities for dialog with authors and peers

  • Articles and readership from academia, business, industry, military, government, health care, international organizations, foundations, and . . .(please help us to define our readership)

  • A strong international representation of authors, readers, and sponsors

  • Interactive areas on the website for members, referees, authors, instructional designers, teachers, trainers, administrators, funding agencies, and newcomers to instructional technology and distance learning.

  • A presence at international meetings related to instructional technology and distance learning

  • An invited paper each month from a leader in instructional technology, distance learning, or related field.

  • Directories of organizations, publications, and articles to make this website a portal.

  • Opportunity to publish e-books and occasional printed books in soft and hard bindings.

Please email your wish list to editor@itdl.org

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