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Table of Contents May 2004

Vol 1. No. 5.
ISSN 1550-6908

Editorial: Destruction of the Internet

Donald G. Perrin

Design Considering Cognitive Learning Needs of Older Learners

George Pate, Jianxia Du, and Byron Havard

Distance Learning: Major Issues and Challenges

Najib A. Kofahi and Nowduri Srinivas


Understanding Why Students Select Online Courses and Criteria they Use in Making that Selection

Mark Shay and Jennifer Rees

Comparing an Online Course to its Classroom Counterpart

Augustine B. Mascuilli

Roles of Students and Teachers in Distance Education

Aytekin İşman, Fahme Dabaj, Zehra Altinay and Fahriye Altınay

Electronic Bulletin Boards as Medium for Asynchronous Problem Solving in Field Experiences

Dave S. Knowlton

Learning Technology: The Myths and Facts

John A Finnis

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