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Table of Contents – March 2005
Vol 2. No. 3.
ISSN 1550-6908  

Editorial: The Future of Learning

Donald G. Perrin

Refereed Papers

Normative Specifications of Learning Objects and Learning Processes: Towards Higher Levels of Automation in Standardized e-Learning

Salvador Sánchez-Alonso and Miguel-Angel Sicilia

Two Methods for Assessing Critical Thinking
in Computer-Mediated Communications (CMC) Transcripts

Patrick J. Fahy

Learning Statistics in a Shared Virtual Campus:
Summarizing a Five-Year Experience

Ana Jesús López and Rigoberto Pérez

Flying or Falling: Benefits and Pitfalls of Online Peer Review Programs in Distance Education

Kim Blum and Brent Muirhead

Design and Analysis of Reflection-Supporting Tools
in Computer Supported Collaborative Learning

Seung-hee Lee

Effects of Online Instruction vs. Traditional Instruction
on Students’ Learning

Yuliang Liu

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