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Table of Contents June 2004

Vol 1. No. 6.
ISSN 1550-6908

Editorial: Online Education and Instructional Quality

Brent Muirhead, Guest Editor

Using Mobile Phone Support for Use of Greek During the Olympic Games 2004 (The Inlet Project)

Anita Pincas

On-line Learning at the University of London:
building on a heritage

Marianne Coleman

Online Learning Teams: Indispensable Interaction

Muhammad K. Betz

Adding Cupboards versus Building a House: The Difference Between Courses and a Degree Program

Katrina A. Meyer

How Distance Learning Changes Faculty

Christine Uber Grosse

Email as an Educational Feedback Tool: Relative Advantages
and Implementation Guidelines

Jason Huett

Encouraging Interaction in Online Classes

Brent Muirhead

A Balancing Act: Improving Student Online Discussion Participation

Bhupinder Virk

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