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Donald G. Perrin Ph.D.
Executive Editor

   Brent Muirhead Ph.D.

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Muhammad Betz

Elizabeth Perrin Ph.D.


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Vol. 3. No. 2.

ISSN 1550-6908

Table of Contents February 2006   

Editorial: Assessment

Donald G. Perrin

Refereed Papers

Time Management Strategies for Online Teaching

Min Shi, Curtis J. Bonk, Richard J. Magjuka

Emotional Feedback in CAT (Computer Adaptive Testing)

Anastasios A. Economides

Solo and Social Learning in Online Courses: Implications for Information Processing Theory

Muhammad K. Betz

M-Learning A New Paradigm in Education

Nitin Upadhyay

 Features & Tutorials

Using Outlines to Improve Student Writing Skills

Brent Muirhead


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