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Table of Contents December 2004
Vol 1. No. 12.
ISSN 1550-6908

Editorial: Online Education - Innovative and Personal


Brent Muirhead


Assessing Discussion Forum Participation: In Search of Quality


Stephen Corich, Kinshuk, and Lynn.M.Hunt


OPEN Public Commonwealth Support System of Distance Education (PCSSODE): A Practice of Supplement Quality Assurance System
of E-Education in China


Hou, Tao


Paradigm Shift: A Case Study of Innovation in an Educational Setting

Donna L. Russell


Designing course web sites for supporting lecture-based courses
in higher education some pedagogical aspects


Moti Frank, Abigail Barzilai


Encouraging Creativity in Student Online Work


Brent Muirhead


Distance Education: A Systems View


A Book Review by Muhammad K. Betz



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