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Table of Contents – August 2004
Vol 1. No. 8.
ISSN 1550-6908

The Center for Technology Education Research and Innovation

Lawrence A. Tomei, EdD, (IJITDL Publisher) 

Student Attitudes Towards Information and Communication Technologies in Teaching and Learning in the United Kingdom

Gunter Saunders and Anita Pincas

Faculty Preferences for Course Delivery:
Distance and Traditional Settings

Lisa O’Quinn and Michael Corry

The Design Elements of Web-Based Learning Environments

Alaa Sadik

Distinctive Features of Computer-Mediated Bulletin Board Discussions

Peter A. Theodore and Wayne A. Nelson

A Pilot Study Regarding Educational Effectiveness of Web-Based E-Learning

Vincent Kwisnek and Sharon Miller

A Pedagogical Design Strategy for Effective Technology-Based Learning: iLEARN Model

Ju-Ling Shih

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